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Crystal skulls are believed to have mystical and or/healing abilities. This is perfect for any skull and/or snake lover/enthusiast to add to their collection or as decoration in their home.

Snakes may be linked to protection, transformation and insight.

Clear Quartz is also known as the master healer because of its many uses and benefits and amplifies the energy of any other crystals.

Enhances the immune system.

Boosts mental clarity

Cleanses the air of any negativity around you.

Clear Quartz with Snakes Carved Skull

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  • Item: Clear Quartz Skull With Snakes Carving

    Size: Large

    Info: This stylish and very special piece has had a lot of time and effort put into it and who can deny the end result is stunning? No matter of your a Crystal collector, spiritual or a healer or maybe you simply just love rare and unique items like this skull, one thing for sure is there’s definitely something about this piece so special.

    Properties: absorbs and regulates energy, is an all round healer and boosts other crystals.

Are you a Moldavite fan? Do you know what Moldavite is?


Moldavite is an amazing gemstone that originates from a meteorite impact in the Czech Republic. It is known for its unique green colour and intense energy. Normally people consider buying it because it's believed to have a bunch of very powerful, spiritual and transformative properties. Moldavite can also help with personal growth, spiritual awakening, and connecting with higher consciousness. Its rarity and connection to celestial origins make it a truly special gemstone. Moldavite also became highly sought after a TikTok trend was the beginning of a new craze for this gorgeous gemstone. So, if you’re a customer and you are looking for something unique and spiritually significant, moldavite is definitely worth considering!

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